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The Secret of Tea Spells

The Tea Magic Guidebook is yours!

The essential guide to herbal manifestation magic for herbal witches

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Want to learn more abut the course?

Check it out!

Hey all you herbal witches!

Get Ready to level up your herbal magic skills and start attracting what you want into your life. 

What if your curiosity with herbal magic could make manifesting your dreams part of your daily routine?

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Question for you...

Wouldn't it be great if manifesting your dreams were part of your daily routine? What if creating your desired life could start with just a cup of tea?

What if you didn't need to spend hours researching the herbs you want to use and their safe dosages before you started. What if it didn't need to be complicated?


Your time is precious. Modern life doesn’t always give us a lot of time to do all the things we want - and perhaps that applies to your spiritual or self-care practices. 

If you want to learn how to easily work herbs into
your daily ritual effectively and safely...

Keep Reading!

Discover daily herbal tea magic 
Create a daily self care routine
your dreams!


“But there are some things I know for certain:
always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can.” 

- Sally, Practical Magic

there's a little witch in all of us!


Begin practicing tea spell rituals to make time for self care and attract your desires!

Let's provide you with an easy to execute tea spells ritual to bring your manifestations to life so that you don’t have to spend hours preparing.

What are you getting when you sign up?

Tea Spells Recipes
Simple to follow recipes for love, abundance, sleep and anything you wish!

Magic Herbal Resource
An in-depth herbal resource with magical properties, commonly experienced medicinal actions, and notes on how to use them safely. 


Find your tribe of witchy folks and engage with others who are on a similar path as you.


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Let's consult
our crystal ball!

Can you imagine? 

What if you could easily incorporate herbs into your everyday magical life without the concern of if you are doing it all correctly? Have you ever wished you could live the Practical Magic lifestyle? No kitchy, generic magic but genuine opportunities to create and manifest.

  1. ​You can work with herbal magic as part of your everyday life

  2. You will be putting your self-care at the top of your to-do list

  3. You won't have to spend a ton of time figuring it all out.

  4. You will feel confident that you are working with herbs in the most effective way.

  5. You can manifest the life you want to live!

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The Secret to Tea Spells

The main things you will learn are:

Tea Spells Rituals

Easy to execute tea magic to bring your manifestations to life so that you don’t have to spend hours preparing for a ritual.


Tea Spells Recipes

Simple to follow recipes for romance,  abundance, fertility, sleep or anything else you wish!


Magic Herbal Resource

Heather's in depth herbal resource with magical properties, commonly experienced medicinal properties, and notes on how to use them safely. 



Find your tribe of witchy folks and engage with others who are on a similar path as you.

Never struggle adding magick to your day again

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herbal manifestation magic for herbal witches


Heather Wright Fitzgerald
Herbal Wellness Coach | Holistic Tarot Practitioner | Course Creator

Heather has dedicated herself to providing her community with a small business of carefully curated, handcrafted herbal products with an esoteric twist, designed to improve your personal self-care and help set you on the road to wellness. This Tea Spells course perfectly blends her extensive herbal knowledge with her passion for magic. She is ready to give you the knowledge and confidence in working with herbal magic and creating a lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of! 

Where is this magical small business
we speak of?

Tea & Tarot is located in historic Downtown Madison, CT. The Colonial style red house was the home of Abigail Meigs, who lived in the home in the late 1700s. According to local history, Abigail who to host tea and spinning parties in the home. In effort to protest importation taxes on British goods, she would only serve herbal tea to her guests!

This realization about the home wasn't discovered until after Tea & Tarot opened, proving to be a sign of good fortune to all those who seek high quality tea and Tarot reading!

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This course is quick and convenient:

Meant to be digestible within a short time period

Complete everything in a day (if you wish)

Start your new daily routine as early as today

Enroll now for instant access!


Scoop up all of your goodies!
  • Tea Spells Ritual Class  (Value $65) 

  • Tea Spells Recipe Book (Value $27)

  • My Personal Magic Herbal Resource (Value $197)

  • TOTAL VALUE = $289  

  • Your Investment: ONLY $57 (Save $232)


"Heather's intuition, herbal knowledge, and ability to relay information in a way that just makes sense make her an amazing teacher. She was a guest presenter in one of our programs last year and her lesson had each and every one of us feeling like she knew exactly what we needed and left us feeling like we had the information needed to take the next steps. Heather cares so much about herbalism and connecting plants with people and it shows in everything she does. "

- Sara W., The Sisters Enchanted


Wait... what exactly is in this course??

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

Lesson One

What are Tea Spells?

In this lesson we will break down exactly what a tea spell is, how you can use these rituals, and what the intentions are. This will give you not only an idea of how to do these spells, but also how to use them.

Lesson Two

Are you an
Herbal Witch?

Does this term seem intimidating or do you fit in to it easily? Either way this lesson will describe the ways that you can enhance or begin your practices as an herbal witch.

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Lesson Three

Selecting Your Herbs

This lesson will teach you the traditional uses of a variety of herbs that you can brew in to your tea spells. You will also learn how to combine them for different purposes. Some will be best for love, others for abundance, and so much more! 

Want to follow along with herbs in hand? Make sure to use the discount in your welcome email to purchase a tea spells kit with everything you need!

Lesson Four

Your Magic

In this lesson we will help you take everything that you have learned thus far and combine it all to start your rituals! This will be when you are most eager to get hands on and start manifesting!

Lesson Five

Herbal Spell Casting

Let's do it! You have learned and you are ready! This lesson will go over the spells you will be practicing when going through your tea ritual. Each spell will have a different purpose and you will be able to cater this to what you are looking for most! 


Tarot with Tea Spells

Also interested in Tarot? Perfect! Never worked with Tarot before? This is your chance! This lesson will help you use your new tea spells skill combined with art of Tarot to take your manifesting powers to the next level. 

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So what am I personally gaining?

Manifestation Power

Your in-depth guide to give you the knowledge and confidence in working with herbal magic and creating a lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of! 

You will learn:

  • How to include your tea spells as part of your daily routine

  • How to choose the plants you would like to work with

  • How to ask for what you wish to manifest

  • How to prepare for a tea spell ceremony

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Are you ready for this?

How does it work?



Buy the Course & commit to your goals.

No one knows what self care you need as well as you do. Get the knowledge you need to best care for yourself.



Say Yes to the date and book it!

The first step is to sign up. The rest of the schedule is in your hands! Move as fast or as slow as you'd like. Without step one, you can't move forward! 



Start manifesting your dreams 

Once you have everything you need, you can jump in and start practicing! Keep it up and watch your dreams come true! 


"Heather and her sanctuary, Tea & Tarot, are a gift to our community. An empowerment tool we should all partake in and utilize in our lives regularly. I do it and it is an essential companion for me now."



I want my daily magic routine!
Sign me up!

Course Value = $289+

Bundle Price = $57

SAVINGS= $232+

Sign me up!


Tea Spells


A guide of materials to get you started

Tea Spell Recipes

A good option for those with limited time

and some experience.



Tea Spells
Course Bundle


Tea Spells Ritual Class

A recording of the full process broken down into steps

Tea Spells Recipe Book

 A detailed guide of everything you need to get started

My Personal Magic Herbal Resource

An in-depth resource of Magical Materia Medica

Access to an Online Community

Engage with others who are on a similar path as you



Want more? Get the supplies you need!

This magical box of herbs and goodies pairs with our Tea Spells guide, designed to help you work with the power of tea herbs for manifestation!

Get all of the herbs you need without spending a fortune.

Normally priced at $38, but those in the course receive a special discount!

A coupon with your discount will be sent to you after purchase.

Refund Policy

You will have access to all of the content immediately upon purchase. Given the nature of this type of medium, refunds or cancellations cannot be issued for online courses or programs once processed. Please keep this in mind before you commit to your purchase.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know. We want to make your experience rewarding and educational!

Email us at

  • When is the Shop open?
    We would love to be here every day but currently, the shop is open Thursday (12-6pm) Friday & Saturday (12pm-6pm) and Sunday (12-4pm). If you'd like a reading, we advise you schedule in advance to ensure availability!
  • Should I make an appointment before my reading?
    Yes! Since we have a variety of readers avaiable on different days, it would be helpful to book your time slot in advance of coming into the shop. We want to make sure we have the reader you want available for you when you come in. You can book online right though this site!
  • How much does a reading cost?
    The cost of a reading varies based on the length, reader, and type of reading. Please click here to see all rates for what is currently being offered.
  • How soon can I expect my online order?
    Orders are processed every Saturday. While we aim to get our orders out as quickly as possible, we appreciate your patience while each order is custom packed.
  • I would like to purchase a gift card. How can I do so?
    Thank you for gifting us! We sell eGift Cards online for our brick & mortar location only. Gift certificates cannot be used online at this time. Please click here to purchase.
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