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Discover the magickal world of  Tea & Tarot!

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How Can We Help You?
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Empowering individuals to live a healthy lifestyle and lead more fulfilling lives.

Tea & Tarot is a small business with a big dream! We offer holistic services, products, and classes to help people find balance in their lives through the mind, body, and spirit. Our Holistic Tarot readings are insightful and detailed, providing guidance on how to move forward in your life path. Tea is our specialty; we make tea blends by hand and sell them as loose-leaf for you to take home. We also host classes to provide an atmosphere of understanding for the mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to help people find their way through life by providing a space where they can connect with others in a safe environment while exploring their own personal wellness journey.

Shop herbal, wellness, and witchy products from other small women-owned, minority-owned, and LGBTQ+ owned businesses
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The Root of Tarot

Our New Online Holistic Tarot Class

for Beginner Students!


​Tea Spells

A Mini Course on Manifesting Through the Power of Herbs & Tea


Live Workshops

Join us live for in person workshops on witchcraft, Spiritualism, Esoteric Topics and Sabbat Circles

Client Success stories

"My reading was so deeply rooted in my life and I couldn’t believe the accuracy..."

When I walked into Tea & Tarot, I was enveloped in love, harmony and a feeling of belonging in this unique and amazing sanctuary. The smells, the immediate offer of amazing tea and smiles made me feel right at home.  I was on pins and needles to meet Heather, the owner, to do my reading. When I met Heather, I felt I was in the presence of a goddess. Her eyes connected with mine and her heart made me feel so quickly comfortable.

My reading was so deeply rooted in my life and I couldn’t believe the accuracy of where I was in life and all of my dreams I am going for were all in the reading without me saying a word. Heather is an empath and so intuitive and this, combined with her deep experience with Tarot, made my experience incredibly helpful, eye opening, and motivating. You know, kind of showing me a few blind spots that were not only empowering yet also legitimately important.

Heather and her sanctuary, Tea & Tarot, are a gift to our community. An empowerment tool we should all partake in and utilize in our lives regularly. I do it and it is an essential companion for me now.

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Top Resources
Watch the Video
A little bit about Tea & Tarot!
Putting the Tea in Communi-tea!

Come listen to this exclusive interview with owner, Heather and Chef Plum from "Seasoned"! Seasoned is a monthly podcast from Connecticut Public that shines a light on farmers and food makers from every corner of the state. Seasoned is exploring tea this episode, as they were interested in experiences that make tea a balm for the body and mind. How do communities come together around tea? In what ways are tea and wellness linked? And, how might tea be a social good? Click here to listen and learn more!

The MAGIC of Tea + Tarot!

Hosts Robyn Miller Brecker and Karen Loenser sat down with Heather after they stumbled across our offerings via social and became obsessed with our offerings, readings and newsletter! They are known to seek out soulful nuggets to nourish your spiritual journey, and we're excited for you to check out our podcast episode with them here! 

the-magic-of-tea-tarot-episode-41Seeking Center
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