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Passionate about what we do and love sharing it with our community.

Our mission is to help people find their way through life by providing a space where they can connect with others in a safe environment while exploring their own personal wellness journey. We are small business folk trying hard every day against all odds because dreams really do come true!

Fun facts about us


Years in our brick & mortar location in Madison, CT. We opened in Sept 26, 2020.


People served last year in the shop and at special events!


Herbs in the apothecary, several we grow or wildcraft ourselves.




Clients received a tarot reading in 2023!

Jars & bags of tea sold in 2023!

Or more tea blends available in store and online throughout the year!

Tea & Tarot is located in historic Downtown Madison, CT. The Colonial style red house was the home of Abigail Meigs, who lived in the home in the late 1700s. According to local history, Abigail who to host tea and spinning parties in the home. In effort to protest importation taxes on British goods, she would only serve herbal tea to her guests!

This realization about the home wasn't discovered until after Tea & tarot opened, proving to be a sign of good fortune to all those who seek high quality tea!

Image by Katie Harp

Hi, I'm Heather!

Like the plant whose name I share, I'm committed to offering people a path to healing that is natural (my sister is Erica, btw, and the plant family of Heather is Ericacea so I feel my mother had a sense of my journey before I did).

Today, I love herbs and the health benefits they can provide. But that was not always the way I was. My journey with herbalism evolved after years of stumbling through a variety of health issues. I grew tired of being passed off by doctors and specialists and decided to stop the insanity of doing the same thing and hoping for different results.

I decided to take a holistic approach to healing my body and began educating myself on nutrition, health, wellness and even tarot. I discovered the precious power of Mother Nature's gifts of the herbal world. The more I learned, the more I began to use herbs and benefit from their magic and deep-healing powers for the mind, body and spirit.

Within a year, I had remedied a systemic issue and regained control of my health! Today, I offer carefully curated, handcrafted herbal products with an esoteric twist, designed to improve your personal self-care and help set you on the road to wellness.

Invite me and the herbs Mother Nature offers along your journey to better living life's better when enjoyed in good health!

xo, Heather

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Calluna vulgaris

Known as  Scotch Heather or Ling, low evergreen shrub of the heath family (Ericaceae), widespread in western Europe and Asia, North America, and Greenland.

the TEA-m


this or that


Izzy - Shop Manager
& Astrologer

Kaza - Shop Fairy & Social Media Manager

Kaza is our harmonious shop fairy and social media manager. You can find her clearing cobwebs from our cozy cottage, and guiding guests through their spellwork. Kaza also hosts our seasonal sabbath celebrations. You can find her flipping through the pages of her grimoire on Fridays in the shop, or on social media as @KazaMarie!

Izzy can be found at Tea & Tarot pouring tea, pulling cards and reading astrology charts! Outside of the shop she’s a lover of all things art and beauty. Her favorite tea at the shop is the Chicory Charm coffee alternative!


Let's start your self care journey together

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