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Wiccan Woman: Cinnamon Rose Herbal Tea

Wiccan Woman: Cinnamon Rose Herbal Tea


Wiccans believe that the natural world is alive and imbued with magic. This philosophy extends to the plants used in their spells and rituals, which are carefully selected for their traditional associations. For example, cinnamon is often used in prosperity spells, rose petals are associated with love and passion, and raspberry leaves are commonly used in fertility spells.


When these herbs are combined in a tea, it creates a potent brew that is said to be ideal for promoting abundance and passionate new beginnings! This particular recipe is also steeped in feminine energy, making it perfect for women who wish to connect with their divine feminine side.


Whether you are looking to attract more abundance into your life or simply desire a cup of truly magical tea, this Wiccan Woman tea is sure to delight!


INGREDIENTS: Raspberry Leaf, Chaste Berry, Nettle Leaf, Linden Flower, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Peel, Cinnamon, Rose Petals, and Stevia


Caffeine Free  |   Brew at 195°F   |   Steep for 4 Minutes

  • Orders are processed on Saturdays! Please expect some slight delays. Stay safe & healthy! <3 

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