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Peachy Queen

Peachy Queen


YAS, Queen!


Our new Pride blend stands as a symbol of inclusivity and unity. We believe that just like the colors of the rainbow, the beauty lies in embracing our differences and celebrating the unique aspects that make us who we are! As you brew this tea, watch as the radiant hues dance in your cup, representing the kaleidoscope of identities that come together to create a harmonious blend.


Homegrown Bee Balm and Lemon Balm, nurtured with love and devotion, infuse the tea with their captivating aromas, while imparting a sense of tranquility and balance to each sip.


And let's not forget the touch of Gold Edible Glitter! Shimmering like the pride flag itself, adding a hint of sparkle and joy to this extraordinary blend.


Happy Pride


INGREDIENTS: Peach, Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Rose Petals, Homegrown Bee Balm & Lemon Balm, Natural Peach, Strawberries & Papaya Flavor, Gold Edible Glitter


Caffeine Free  |  Brew at 212°F  |  Steep for 8 Minutes  ~ Best served iced!

  • Orders are processed on Saturdays! Please expect some slight delays. Stay safe & healthy! <3 

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