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Fable England: Into the Woods Scarf - Forest Green

Fable England: Into the Woods Scarf - Forest Green


In the realm of elegance and whimsy, behold the designer scarf crafted for the graceful Witch seeking a dash of enchantment in her collection. Envision enchanting your customers with more than just an accessory, but a magical masterpiece. Featuring the exclusive 'Into The Woods' print by the esteemed artist Catherine Rowe, this scarf is a tale woven in fabric, capturing hearts with its storytelling charm. Handcrafted from the softest recycled materials, it embraces sustainability while cocooning you in a cozy embrace of comfort and timeless style, inviting you to wander through enchanted forests of fashion and fantasy!


Fable England, United Kingdom


Key features:

*Silk-like ultra-soft fabric

*Length 180cm x Width 90cm

*100% Polyester

*Hand wash separately

• Care Instructions: Hand wash

Expected to ship by March 10
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