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Cauldron Simmer Pot

Cauldron Simmer Pot


Witches rejoice! We've got just the thing to help you brew up your next potion or spell - our new Cauldron Simmer Pot. Whether you're looking to create a little mischief or simply want to add a touch of magic to your kitchen, this pot is perfect for any aspiring witch or wizard. Made of cast iron for long-lasting durability, it features a handy lid to keep your concoctions from boiling over. And best of all, it comes in an eye-catching black finish that is sure to add a bit of gothic flair to any décor. Fill your Cauldron Simmer Pot with your favorite herbs or our Witch's Brew to bring about fragant fall nostagia! 


NOTE: Make sure to dry it out well between uses to avoid rusting. Dab with a few drops of olive or avocado oil to keep it oiled. 


  • Orders are processed on Saturdays! Please expect some slight delays. Stay safe & healthy! <3 

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