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Apprentice Tarot Deck

Apprentice Tarot Deck


Introducing the Apprentice Tarot, a captivating initiation into the world of Tarot inspired by the renowned Universal Waite® deck. Designed with beginners in mind, this deck provides a delightful and immersive introduction to the art of Tarot reading.


Unlike conventional approaches that rely on memorization, Apprentice Tarot redefines the learning experience. In many instances, beginners start by memorizing keywords, which can inadvertently limit their understanding and impede a deep connection with the symbolic imagery. Breaking away from this restrictive method, the Apprentice Tarot Deck features keywords directly printed on the cards. This innovative design empowers apprentices to concentrate on deciphering the visual clues, fostering a richer comprehension of each card and facilitating a more profound connection with the deck's enchanting imagery. Elevate your Tarot journey with the Apprentice Tarot Deck, where the pathway to mastery is guided by intuitive exploration and visual storytelling!

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