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Wandmaking: A May Day Witchy Activity

Haven't we all dreamt of waving a magick wand and clearing away some clutter or giving us the job, relationship, home, car, vacation of our dreams? Hollywood may depict magick wands working this way, but even though they don't and we can't levitate our piles of books back onto the bookshelf, they can still add magick to our lives... even more so if we craft them ourselves.

I made my magick wand from a stick that had drifted ashore out of Long Island Sound, here in Madison, CT. I passed the stick the first time on a walk and thought, "That'd make a fabulous wand, especially for a sea witch like me." I decided if it was still there when I returned, I'd ask the beach if I could keep it and use it.

Well, despite the highly populated beach, the stick was still in the same place, nestled between two boulders. I left the path I was on and asked the beach and Universe if I could have it to enhance my magick. I felt a resounding sense of peace and gratitude, so I collected the stick and took it home.

I already had two wands, but I'd purchased them. This new wand was going to be special, because I was going to imbue it with everything important to me. It became a wand focused on creative energy, and in the time since I made and began using it, I published my debut novel. I'm not saying the wand was entirely responsible for that, or that I waved it about and instantly had a publishable book in my hands. I still had to do a ton of work, but the result definitely felt magickal.

The Magickal Significance of Wands

So if we can't wave them for instant gratification, what's the point of a wand?

Wands focus and direct our magickal energy. You can get a similar effect by pointing your finger, but the wand—and whatever goes into its creation—adds additional energies to the magick being cast.

I think of a wand like an antenna. It amplifies the signal of my own energy. What we put into and on our wands does matter. Mine is very airy and watery because I wanted to mix the logic and emotion that is so often required in balance for fiction writing.

The greatest thing about crafting your own wand is you can choose energies specific to your goals. Have multiple goals? You can make multiple wands.

A great time to start is in the Beltane season, which is coming up.

The Magickal Significance of May Day

May Day, or Beltane, is a pagan holiday celebrated by many in the magickal community for several reasons. Historically, it celebrates the union of the goddess and god, and the fruits of that union (and therefore is a good holiday for agricultural magick because Beltane is all about the hope of a good harvest).

But since not all magickal communities are agrarian these days, the holiday has other magickal meanings as well.

It can represent the union of the feminine and masculine energies we all possess. It is also symbolic of fire (and symbolized by fire), which is an element of passion, energy, and creativity. Think of the Wands suit in the tarot--this minor arcana suit represents the element of fire.

Fertility and creativity are primary goals celebrated during Beltane, and both can be amplified by the use of a wand.

Gathering & Blessing Materials

You've read above how I wildcrafted for my wand. I like to wildcraft as much as respectfully possible (I always ensure I'm not trespassing or taking anything that might negatively impact the ecosystem in its absence, and that I have permission from the Divine and Nature to take what I seek).

But I bought some tools and materials for my wand as well, including some crystals, some blue twine, copper wire, and a woodburning tool (which I used to burn runes into my wand).

You don't need these specific materials. But I recommend using your knowledge or research of magickal correspondences to choose how you will decorate your wand, if you plan to. (You don't have to; the wand itself can be powerful.)

Make sure to check in with your intuition in every material that you gather or obtain to make sure it's right for you and your new wand.

Once you have your materials, a blessing spell or gratitude offering (I like scattering herbs to the wind, myself so long as they won't be harmful to wildlife) can go a long way to not only removing any stagnant or negative energy from your materials but also filling them with positive energy. This will impact your own magick that you'll cast with your wand.

Creating & Blessing Your New Wand

As you create your wand, focus on gratitude. Lean into feelings of being grateful for finding the materials you sought, for the inspiration (another wand-like event) to craft the wand to begin with, and guidance on how to use the wand.

Always starting from a place of gratitude fills our magickal tools with the highest energy frequencies possible.

As I crafted my wand, I meditated on the tarot minor arcana Wands suit, in order from Ace to Ten, then Page, Knight, Queen, & King. I thought about each of these cards and spread them out before my workspace to bless my new wand with the gifts and opportunities of each card as I crafted this tool.

After you're finished crafting your wand, you can bless it again. Using the tarot can be a nice way to symbolically add the energy of the suit to your wand. You can hold each card over the wand and thank the Universe or Divine for gifting you the opportunities those cards offer. These opportunities include:

  • Inspiration

  • Partnership

  • Community

  • Creativity

  • Security

  • Courage

  • Contemplation

  • Fruitful work

  • Mastery

  • Drive

  • Curiosity

  • Power

Your wand may not be able to declutter your living room for you, but it can help you achieve your goals by focusing, directing, and amplifying your energy. Add the tarot to your wand-making, and you can imbue even more magickal prowess.

Final Thoughts

Victoria and I are going to be working on a wand-making activity for a private event, which is why this topic is on my mind this month. Also, with Beltane less than a week away, I thought I'd share this fun and hands-on magickal activity with enough time for you to head to the shop for a deck of tarot cards if you don't have any yet.

If you'd like to make a wand, we're hosting a wand-making event for kids (ribbons & beads for younger children, wire-wrapping for older children) from 11:30 am to 2 pm on Sunday, May 1, 2022.

If you're not local, and aren't planning to visit southern CT this week, you can order a tarot deck from our Herbpothecary.

Happy wand-making, and blessed Beltane!

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Yes!-yet another perfect opportunity to focus on Gratitude 💫. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun event!

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