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6 Magical Reasons You Need Chamomile Right Now

Chamomile is a particularly well known herb. I bet you have it in your home right now! As some of our knowledge of medicinal uses for plants has faded over the decades, Chamomile has stayed with us and is commonly used by many - And for good reason!

Chamomile is a "good for everything" herb, which make it no surprise that it has stood the test of time. Here are several wonderful things you may not known about Chamomile and why you should always have some on hand.

1. It's ideal for your immune system

Chamomile is an immune system strengthener. Among it many medicinal actions, it is anti-microbial (helps to kill or stifle bad bacteria in the body) and antiviral (helps to fight viruses). While it is NOT a cure for Covid-19, taking Chamomile as part of your regular routine can help prepare your body to fight harder against bacterial and viral concerns. It is also known for aiding upper respiratory and sinus issues.

*Please still take all the necessary precautions when leaving your house during quarantine. Taking Chamomile is not a replacement for wearing gloves, masks or protective clothing while in public. It is important that you continue to protect yourself properly, practice social distancing and stay home as much as you can during this time.

2. Soothe your stress & get some sleep

Most people experience stress and anxiety in the modern age. We over-consume food, medications, and information, while treating self-care as a "luxury" no one has time for. One simple way I up-level my self-care daily is by having a cup of tea. I'm an empath and on days I am feeling sensitive or my mind is going too fast for me to rest at night, Chamomile is the friend I turn to. Chamomile is known to relax the entire body, including the mind. It can be a mild sedative and is often added to sleepy time blends for this reason. Have a big cup a few hours before bed and get some peaceful sleep.

3. Chamomile helps with physical and emotional digestion

Chamomile is a digestive relaxant and helps chaos settle in the body - both physically and emotionally. It's anti-inflammitory and anti-spasmodic actions are used to relieve symptoms such as gas, bloating, indigestion, cramping, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and even ulcers.

A couple years or so ago, I went to Mexico with a small group, including my herbal teacher, and got travel sickness on my flight home (due to fruit I ate that had been washed in water containing unpleasant bacteria). The moment I got myself home, my first instinct was to reach for Chamomile and Cinnamon. At that time, I didn't know as much as I do now about Chamomile but my intuition told me to drink as much of it as I could. My intuition was right on point: Chamomile expels parasitic worms from the digestive tract, while cooling and soothing the cramping that was stressing my body. Luckily, I moved through the sickness fast and I have Chamomile to thank for that!

Even Chamomile flower essences (a powerful flower remedy that helps the body on a cellular level), is known for its pacifying properties and ability to help you digest unpleasant or stressful information. It is no surprise that Chamomile also calms the emotions, nurturing the nerves for sensitive adults, children and animals. Chamomile offers balance to those who are moody, highly sensitive, or have their emotions directly under the surface. It offers relief to those who hold tension and anxiety in the pit of their stomach, and find it difficult to release. This tension can even result in physically cramping and tension in the belly. When in need of a sunny disposition or finding it challenging to find hope, Chamomile is the reassuring comfort that all will be better soon.

5. The Children's Herb

Chamomile's little buds of sunshine are my go-to for children. Its gentle calming effect is particularly soothing for littles who have trouble cooling their fires. Chamomile is even said to relieve one from nightmares and restless sleep. So for little ones who are fussy or restless around bedtime, giving them 2-4oz of weak tea, 1-2ml of a chamomile glycerine tincture or 4 drops of Chamomile flower essence. It may be just what they need to calm their sensitive nerves.

Tip: Only steep the herb in hot water for 2 minutes or the tea may be too bitter for them.

4. Turn up your Solar Plexus!

Our Solar Plexus is the Chakra located in the center of our stomach and its color is bright yellow. It is the place from which we radiant from! When it shines bright, we feel happy, fresh and warm. Chamomile is a white flower with a bright yellow center, just like the Solar Plexus Chakra. This little beauty turns up the sunshine in our lives and helps to realign a wilting Solar Plexus.

6. It's delicious!

Need I say more! It's as yummy as its fragrant smell may suggest. Here's a tip when you make Chamomile tea: don't leave the herb in your cup for more than 4-5 mins. Chamomile tends to get increasingly bitter the longer the herbs sits in the cup. So for that sweet deliciousness, brew and drink immediately!

High quality Chamomile should not look like a powdered mess. The more broken down the plant is, the less volatile oils (the chemical constituent that gives it all it's magic) your body receives. If your Chamomile tea bag looks like its full of dust, you aren't getting all the goodness the plant has to offer. You want whole flowers in your tea and trust me, you will taste the difference!

Don't have Chamomile in your home, especially during cold & flue season?

Order some delicious whole flower Chamomile here! Enjoy, Love!

*Please note that this information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure illness. If you have concerns about body responses or drug interactions, please consult your doctor. This information is meant to offer simple holistic remedies to manage common concerns and aid in discomfort and dis-ease in the body.

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